A Road Divided: a collection of landscapes by todd hido

A Road Divided” by Todd Hido, is a “collection of landscapes” that,  published in 2010, ‘snuck up’ on him. ‘I had been photographing landscapes for a couple of years, but had no intention of making anything of them … I had no other purpose of making them other than responding to the beauty that I saw.’ The result is this book, which Hido thinks of as a ‘more mature’ collection of landscapes, propelled by the obsessive need to create, and untethered from the need to ‘prove’ anything, such as ‘I’m not just that guy who photographs houses at night,’ he laughs. (source)

When he’s on the road for a show or a lecture, Hido can’t stay in his hotel room at night. ‘I want to be out in the world,’ he says, and so he goes out driving in the late hours of the night, parks somewhere and, using his dashboard as a desk, works on a new book, or reviews his photographs, turns up the music, and immerses himself in the questions of a still night in a small town. Whereas Hido’s photographs may work as a hypothetical look into the lives of others, they are necessarily a reflection of the artist, as well.

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