Nature provides a way out: “In Landscapes” by Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis focused his lens on the countryside surrounding Athens. The idea for “In Landscapes” came to him in November 2012, and was born from a personal need to explore “the difficult times we’re going through today”. In doing so, Koublis hoped to emphasise the differences between nature and the city, and also touch upon how the beauty of nature can provide solace in turbulent times. “The series is an evaluation of our lives, the need for an escape, and the despair of not knowing exactly where to turn,” he says. “Nature provides a way out, an escape from the depression of our days.” (source)

“The fact that these landscapes can be found so near to the city of Athens, although they look quite distant and unapproachable, is something that creates a definite contrast

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