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Damara Kaminecki (aka DamaraK The Destroyer) is a fine artist, illustrator, and jack of all trades doing work for major ad campaigns to window displays at Barneys.

Damara, where do you get your inspiration?

I find I am still fascinated with the same things from childhood.  In my parents house I found an old folder with old woodcut photocopies.  I was obsessed with Japan and went there for the first time in 2003, getting out into the world helps you get more creative in your head.


Which is the relationship and influence between your cultural background (country, studies, etc.) and your artworks?

I love to go to museums and travel the world to pick up new ideas but in the end they are always very personal stories I’m telling and I’m grateful people can relate.


What are you much focused in?

Right now, painting.


Have you encountered any difficulties when you first started your art/freelance career?

Making money is the hardest part,
but the hungrier you get
the harder you hustle

Over these years, what is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession?

The most important thing I’ve learned is to stick with it.  The longer you do it the better you get and the easier it is to find the right opportunities to show people what you do.

Do you think that a creative job is just creativity or it’s discipline too?

It’s at least 50% discipline if not more, getting an abstract idea out of your head and in front of people is as important as having the idea.

Are you currently work on new projects?

Yes!  A series of paintings of birds of prey, it’s awesome I can’t wait to work on it every single free minute I have.  It’s totally different than anything I’ve ever done too.

Born and raised in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL in 1982. Moving to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute, she earned a BFA in Drawing in 2004. Since then she has worked as an artist assistant for Lesley Dill, Jane Hammond in NYC and Tony Fitzpatrick in Chicago. Damara lives in Brooklyn NY, working freelance as an illustrator, artist assistant and on her own portfolio of collages and riding red bike.

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