Sunday, July 14, 2024

Thomas Allen selects the pulpiest of pulp paperbacks and then lovingly slices out a figure from the cover, gently folds it into position, and constructs a witty scene around it. Inspired by a love of pop-up books, Allen revels in taking on different roles in creating his scenarios: “In addition to being a photographer, I play talent scout, casting director, stage manager, lighting supervisor, and film editor.” (source)

“I cut, crimp, crease and convert the covers of vintage paperbacks into three-dimensional tableau and photograph them–an idea that feeds my penchant for pop-up books and other things 3D. The subjects are bit players who, for a brief time, found fame printed on the glossy surfaces of dime novels”

“My mitts and an X-acto knife work together to persuade skirts and gumshoes to return to the stage for one nal performance in a slightly di erent production. This re-imagined look at a product of pop culture—whose sales relied more on seductive, eye-popping visuals than literary content—proves once-and-for-all that
you can judge a book by its cover!”

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