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Yoon Miseon is an artist based in Seoul. Miseon artworks are an investigation of human inner environment; portraits are a sort of landscapes of “joy, anger, anxiety and fear“; shapes and forms seeking for a balance. We reached artist for a short interview.

Yoon, where do you get your inspiration?

I express my anxieties about human relationships in my own form. It is inspired by human shapes and geometric objects that are balancing in imperfect forms or shapes of unknown shadows.

Which is the reletioship and influence beetween your cultural backgorund (country, studies, etc.) and your artworks?

The art education I have received in South Korea for a long time was not free and uniform. Such frustration made me endless desperate to express freely in a more diverse way.

What are you much focused in?

Human relationship, joy in it, anger, anxiety, fear. And the wrong form, the balance in it.

Have you encountered any difficulties when you first started your art/freelance career?

Difficulty always exists. But the difficulty is the process of creating my work, and that uncertainty keeps me awake and focused.


Over these years, what is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession?

Relationship between Artists and Money, and Freedom.

Do you think that a creative job is just creativity or it’s discipline too?

I think both must exist.

Are you currently work on new projects?

Not yet, but soon a fun project will begin.



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