Geometric and food metamorphosis by Jeremy Olson

Jeremy Olson is an American artist working in painting, video, sculpture and photography. His references range from the commercial still-life to science fiction, often utilizing small assemblages or dioramas as points of departure. His practices are thematically linked by an unwavering interest in how images shape desire, and can either constrain or expand possibilities.

“The artist has an apparent attraction to food imagery, as shown in his paintings of butternut squash, juicy bits of orange, and huge cuts of beef obscuring potentially handsome faces. Aside from the edible, his art—both painting and video—returns to themes of geometric forms, entering voids, and the metamorphosis of commercial imagery.” (source)

Prosciutto is a beautiful surface and I like the translucency of it. There’s no other meat or food product that has the same quality. Part of it is very formal and it also has a gross utility, a gross-out level”.

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