Purpose-driven machines and other machineries by Justin Amrhein

Justin Amrhein is an American artist based in New York. “Figuring out how things work and discovering what components are necessary to create a fully functional machine intrigues me. My inspiration is fueled by the intricacy and sheer beauty that I find in mechanical schematics, blue prints and instructional drawings“.

“In the form of Schematic drawings, I am able to define the function and purpose of created elements that border between real objects and imaginary creations. By using different labeling systems to illustrate and organize an object, I am able to provide a commentary on a multitude of subjects while creating complicated, purpose-driven machines

“Investigating the dynamics between combining the mechanical with the
Biological is a recurring conceptual direction that often reveals itself as the focal point throughout much of my work. Representing machines in a metaphorical or literal direction frequently shifts from piece to piece”

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