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Justin Amrhein is an American artist based in New York. “Figuring out how things work and discovering what components are necessary to create a fully functional machine intrigues me. My inspiration is fueled by the intricacy and sheer beauty that I find in mechanical schematics, blue prints and instructional drawings“.

“In the form of Schematic drawings, I am able to define the function and purpose of created elements that border between real objects and imaginary creations. By using different labeling systems to illustrate and organize an object, I am able to provide a commentary on a multitude of subjects while creating complicated, purpose-driven machines

“Investigating the dynamics between combining the mechanical with the
Biological is a recurring conceptual direction that often reveals itself as the focal point throughout much of my work. Representing machines in a metaphorical or literal direction frequently shifts from piece to piece”

Artist Website > www.justinamrhein.com

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