Stillness and quiet isolation: landscapes by Simon Deadman

Simon Deadman is a talented 33 years old self taught photographer based in Perth, Australia. Simon shoots a lot of urban, nature and landscape photography.

“With my landscapes, I think in general I look for a feeling of stillness and quiet isolation. Some people have said there is a sense of disquiet that comes through from them as well, which is great”.

Sometimes I am happy the instant
I click the shutter
and know it will be a good photo. Once I scan the negatives and start looking at them in Lightroom I can usually tell fairly quickly which pictures I am happy with. Because I shoot film and there is a delay between shooting, developing and scanning, sometimes I get a pleasant surprise from a photo I don’t even remember taking a few months earlier

Simon Deadman uses Mamiya 7 with the 80 mm lens and Kodak Portra and Canon 5D cameras. (quotes > source)

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