Ephemeral exploration: a new iconography by Adam Ekberg

Although it may be difficult to believe, Adam Ekberg’s archival pigment prints are not manipulated using a computer software program such as Photoshop. In fact, the camera itself is not a major part of his work— it’s just a vehicle to capture a moment in time. (source)

“In calculated performances that intersect with photography’s documentary potential, I explore ephemeral occurrences. Making such humble events happen is alchemy of sorts, the transformation of the mundane into the poignant.

Within the constructed images, I reposition specific celebratory iconography to create minor spectacles. My process requires detailed and elaborate production outside the photographic frame so that what appears within the frame implies simplicity and straightforwardness.

It is important to me that these constructions actually exist in the world, if only for the moment in which the photograph is made”.

Artist Website > adamekberg.com