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“In November of 2014 I began the first of a series of performances wereby I dipped my own fully painted portraits into vats of enamel paints. It is a process that permanently hides parts of the portrait’s features”.

I painted the portraits alone in my studio and kept each veiled. Prior to dipping. I never photographed any of the paintings. Therefore, the people present at the time of the performance were the only witnesses to the pre-dipped works. Their testimonies are the sole archives of each portrait’s unobstructed state”.

Any advice for artist/illustrators who are just starting out?

Work hard and be ok with hearing no as an answer.
Be honest with yourself about your ability.
If you really believe you are good enough, then you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about your work. If it really is good enough, it will be seen for what it is. (source artist’s website)


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