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Matthias Jung is a digital artist and graphic designer from Schwaikheim near Stuttgart. «How can that house fly? Without any wings, motors and balloons?». Matthias rarely knows why a surreal idea works or fails, but he has an intuition for artworks and graphic desings, «important for both areas is the struggle for coherence and a certain form of obsession; it must “work” without having to be explained»

Where do you get your inspiration?

Nearly everywhere when I‘m not at home. For example I discovered a collection of wooden top spinns during a musical event for my 2 year old son. These toys had such a simple beauty – I had to make photos and I think that they will be part of a fancy building one day. When I’m hiking around my head is always scanning the environment for possible “raw material”. I cannot stop that. I’m always on the search for hidden treasures.
 Not only for my work but also for my soul. There are so many industrial shaped forms, so many stereotype and visual boredom in our streets. But sometimes there is an artefact that tells a story that seems to be “animated”.

Which is the relationship and in uence between your cultural background (country, studies, etc.) and your artworks?

Puh. I’m not my personal analyst. Of course I see my environment in a light that reects my biography. My work is first of all intuitive. There is no theory or art school that I have in mind. And I’m glad that I haven’t studied art. I don’t want to be a “contemporary artist”. I don’t want my art to be the result of some art-socialisation. My art is something very individual. But only on the surface.
 I depend on receiving ideas and energy from “somewhere over the rainbow”. In my graphic-deign study I learnt a lot of technical skills. I’m thankful for that.


What are you much focused in?

My focus is not so much on art now. There are complicate knots in my life, in my family. And I have to work on them. I miss the concentrated work on a vision to transfer it into an image. Mysteriously it sometimes feel like a kind of worship. A few years ago I developed a theatre programme and combined it with my collages. That was pure energy. After the birth of my son I focused more on earning money.

Have you encountered any di culties when you rst started your art/freelance career?

There are still a lots of diffculties. I’m working as an artist and graphic-designer. A good mixture I would say. It’s only 5 years ago that I finished my graphic-design-study. And I’m still on the way.

Over these years, what is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession?

To accept that the reception of a work may be totally different from my expectations. Sometimes I worked with so much heart and there is no appreciation of that process on the other side. It took some years not to question my self-concept as artist or designer then.

Do you think that a creative job is just creativity or it’s discipline too?

When things go very well there is a phase when a project becomes such a personal concern that it seems to implement itself without any effort. But before it comes to that point I have to plan, to select, to twist my mind. There is a metabolism of ideas, much enthusiasm, illusion and disillusion before a collage is ready.
 I love that process.

Are you currently work on new projects?

Only in my mind and heart. But that’s the garden where it all grows.

“When I have an intuition […]
it must “work
without having to be explained

I don’t want to be a “contemporary artist.
I don’t want my art to be the result of
some art-socialisation.
My art is something very individual

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