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Ashkan Honarvar born in Shiraz (Iran), works and lives in Norway. Honarvar´s collages present the human body at the center of microcosmic theaters of dichotomy in which irrationality permeates logic, serenity belies violence, and luxury secretes exploitation. Tragically vulnerable to injury yet resilient in its ability to heal, the body itself is a living paradox: its vitality can be beautiful; its deformation, grotesque.

Likewise, the recognizability of a picture can be partially retained even as its subtext is transmogrified through morphological alteration. In our age of digital advertising and social media exhibitionism, doctoring photos is key to manipulating the appearance of reality to self-serving advantage. Honarvar engages this paradigm while unmasking its consequences. He fabricates his collages by hand, recycling and splicing found images in order to distill fresh meaning. (source)

Where do you get your inspiration?

It’s different every time, a single image could trigger a whole project, or a movie to name a few. Nature and the human body plays also a big role in my work. I guess you could say just life itself.

Which is the relationship and influence between your cultural background (country, studies, etc.) and your artworks?

I’m sure our history defines us as humans that we are now. I was born in Iran and grew up first years of my life in Iran – Iraq war. That had a major effect on me. I have also moved allot in my life and lived in many places, which I see as a positive thing. So yes I’m sure my background and history are definitely connected to my work.

What are you much focused in?

One my biggest fascinations are the human condition. For the past decade I have tried to answer many questions through my work, questions that are very difficult to comprehend. Just to be clear the answers I’m trying to find are for myself in the first place, if other people getting something out of it, that’s great! But they are mainly there to answer my questions about life or death.

 Have you encountered any difficulties when you first started your art/freelance career?

Yes, the first few years were crucial and difficult. I was lucky to get a two-year grant just after finishing art school. The grant helped me focus and define my style in a major way. It also gave me space to create without thinking about the financial aspects, like will this sell? Or will people like this?

 Over these years, what is the most important thing you have learned from your profession?

Stay true to yourself, and always follow your gut feeling even when it feels bad or wrong, especially then you will probably make a beautiful discovery. And if your ever find something perfect congrats! Work it out, use it, create it but stop repeating it a thousand time, always look for new and fresh ideas.

Do you think that a creative job is just creativity or it’s discipline too?

Both, nobody is creative 24/7, and during those not creative moments is crucial to stay active and feed yourself with inspiration. On days I don’t feel creative I just sit behind my desk and grab a book and just cut out some images. Sometimes I end up with some cutouts that don’t mean anything, but mostly I will find new ways to create a collage.


Are you currently working on new projects?

Yes, I think I’m working on 8 different projects now. The inspiration hit me hard last month so I have been creating and creating, just have to go on until it flows away. There are a film poster project, a limited edition skateboard and around 5 or 6 personal projects that are coming out soon.


“Stay true to yourself,
and always follow your gut feeling even when it feels bad or wrong, especially then you will probably make a beautiful discovery […]
always look for new and fresh ideas”

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