toner is melting of ideas, digital culture, creativity and art.

toner is pixel as the elementary part of the image.

toner is sharing, melting (again), spread new digital tendencies.

toner is digging the web.

toner is here to learn, to listen, to collaborate, to have fun.

toner could be virus or vitamine to your crativity.

toner is an open place for all creatives.

toner |ˈtōnər|
a black or colored powder used in xerographic copying processes.
• [ usu. with adj. or noun modifier ] a chemical bath for changing the color or shade of a photographic print, esp. as specified: sepia or blue toners.

we want toner as a verb: to toner, tonerize, tonering. it means copy, multiply the message, spread ideas.

toner is visualization of tendencies: photography, illustration, paint, design, graphic, architecture, virtual worlds, the net, video games, movies, music, typography, social networks, street art, fashion, people, travel, life, art, etc.

toner is an inspirational digital box: open and get inspired, link and share.

it’ time to toner!

that’s just a part of toner, to get all you have to stay tuned on ffffoundfacebooktwitter and pinterest too, and soon on toner magazine editions (issuu).

why toner? years ago the founder(s) edit a sort of “easy to edit” and “easy to share” magazine. a couple of A3 papers, folded, given for free when they had time to edit and print. near the title “toner magazine” was written: “if you like it, spread it, copy and share, it’s free!” a physical social share when no facebook or tweeter was available.