Conflicting with reality

Erik Klein Wolterink‘s work appears to be very realistic, but by using combination of images it is conflicting with reality. At first sight Wolterink’s kitchen looks like Damien Hirst’s pharmacy. “For me – he said – that is an interesting paradox. I aim for objective and complete images, like a cartographer. But I have to do this by making choices – which are subjective by definition”.

“My pictures are very sharp and detailed, so there are many little surprises to discover. This is what I find interesting in our environment: so common, so near, but always full of secrets“.

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“I have completed two autonomous key projects. The first one is “Kitchens of Amsterdam” with the book “Kitchen Portraits“. For my second project “Terug Thuus” (“Back Home”) I made montages with old and new photos of the famer’s kitchen where I grew up (honored with the Bouw-in-Beeldprijs-2010)”.

Now Wolterink is working on new “Kitchen Portraits“, this time of the largest “melting pot” in the world: New York City.