Ballmer’s daughters (and beyond)

Ekaterina and Elena Popovy (twin sisters) started making dolls in 2004. They are melting together manga culture and Bellmer’s dolls and going beyond discovering new expressional borders.

“At the beginning we were interested in realistic human gesture. The magic of certain personalities inspired us to create their images. We tried not only to make portrait dolls but also to convey the nature of the characters through the gesture and costumes. Before making a portrait doll of the personality we were interested in we made a thorough research of the biography, read interviews, gathered photos and videos. Thanks to this interest we deepened our knowledge of human anatomy and facial gesture. We also learned to work with various artistic materials: china, self fusing plastics (paperclay, efa plast, la doll), fumo, baked plastics”.

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In December 1934, there appeared in the Surrealist journal Minotaure a two-page spread introducing French readers to the erotic imagination of the German artist Hans Bellmer. Eighteen photographs Bellmer had taken of a life-size, female mannequin are grouped symmetrically around the title “Doll: Variations on the Montage of an Articulated Minor.”

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